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Jello Jello Tip Off Clear Gel

Jello Jello Tip Off Clear Gel

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A new revolution in nail extensions! Best paired with the Fit Me Tips to have crystal clear nail extensions! 

Have you ever tried Poly Gel? This product cuts all that in half by just swiping on the Tip Off Gel, Apply/Cure, Pop off the tip. Best part is, the tips are still reusable! This is a firm viscosity gel that self levels and does not yellow. Also great for strengthening natural nails.

How to use:

1. Select appropriate size tips 

2. Swipe Tip Off Gel on underside of tip, apply on full tip for full length or however long you'd like

3. Apply at 45 degree angle and cure, careful not to press too hard

4. Cure for 60 seconds

5. Run pointy tool along edge to pop off the extension tip to reveal your crystal clear extension!

TIP: If the extension is too thin, overlay another layer of Tip Off Gel to thicken and build apex before filing your final shape.

Watch Jounails apply it ⬇️


Ships from California within 1-2 business days via ground shipping.

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